M101 Completion Stats

M101, MongoDB for Developers is now complete. The course was scheduled for seven weeks but ran eight weeks because we took a week off for hurricane Sandy.

In the end, we had 21,116 students enrolled in the class.  We initially expected about 5000 so this was a tremendous success from our standpoint.

Of the enrolled students, 3976 achieved a 65% or higher average and will be receiving a certificate of completion.  That’s a completion rate of 19%, which is on the high side for online education based what I have heard from folks I have talked to at various companies.

Only about 7705 students answered even a single homework correctly, which means that about 52% of the folks who truly started the course completed it successfully.

Of  that 7705, the average grade achieved in the class was 53.3% with a standard deviation of 36.7%. 

In all there were 383 students with a perfect score, all the more amazing because some of the questions were, in retrospect, poorly worded.

I started in May at 10gen and we went from zero to having our first courses complete in about seven months. Thank you to edX for providing the software stack that allowed us to get up to speed quickly.

We decided to run this course using weekly deadlines and a final exam with a deadline. Since we were working on the material while the course was running, that worked well for us. 

The energy level in the class forums was high and most of the hard questions were answered by students versus myself. We were just trying to stay ahead of the deadlines we had set for ourselves to deliver new content!

More stats to come one we get back the results of our course survey. M102, MongoDB for DBAs, has also concludes tonight and we will report on that next.

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